Hi, where can one recycle toothbrushes? Thanks–


Hi Mary,

What if you could buy a BPA-free, USA-made toothbrush with a 100 percent recycled #5 handle that comes in its very own return mailer to return your toothbrush for recycling? Weeeelllllll, you can.

Preserve Products is another of my fave companies. Among other things, they make recycled and recyclable toothbrushes using plastic that is often unwanted by other recyclers.

You can find Preserve toothbrushes at stores throughout the state. Whole Foods Markets also have Preserve Gimme 5 recycling bins for your toothbrushes, yogurt cups, deodorant packaging, and other #5 plastics.

Toothbrushes are not recyclable in regular municipal recycling because they are made of mixed materials.

Piece out,


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  • Di

    I’ve been using the Preserve Toothbrushes for several years and love them. It’s easy to place them in the return envelope and drop them in the mail for recycling. FYI, they can be purchased at Country Nutrition in Greenwood.

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