Hello Renee:

Just wondering, are the plastic bags that contain water softener salt recyclable? I’m running out of ideas of how to repurpose them and my wife is tired of scaling the mountain of bags next to the softener whenever she checks it for salt.

Thanks from the salt bag lady’s husband.

Dear Salt Bag Lady’s Husband,

Wouldn’t life be so much better if products like this didn’t have to come in single use packaging? Shoot, at the rate our overly-packaged society is going, soon they’ll be packaging each individual salt pellet in its own shrink-wrap just to keep it “fresher,” “whiter” and more “softenier.”

I’ve had the same question about a few other plastic bags – kitty litter and ice – so I set out to find answers. As with many questions about recycling, there’s a lot of confusion. Here’s what I heard:

-  An Arm & Hammer Essentials kitty litter customer service rep told me that the plastic bags are not recyclable.

-  A Home City Ice customer service rep said, “Well, I would think so…” then when she tried to transfer me to confirm, we were cut off. Not too confident about that answer.

-  A Morton Salt customer service rep left me a message stating that their bags are not recyclable.

-  A Republic Waste customer service rep said if it doesn’t have a recycle symbol, then it should not go in the recycle bin.

Feeling defeated, I sulked for a few minutes, then I picked up the phone to call my friends at RecycleForce. Guess what? As long as it’s clean and dry, they’ll take it to be recycled. You see, bags like these are kind of a pain. They’re the lowest grade of plastic (sometimes they’re even mixed plastic) and it’s not worth a lot of moo-lah. But RecycleForce can combine it with all their other recyclable plastic film to keep it from landing in the trash. Don’t forget, RecycleForce has a new address: 1125 Brookside Avenue, Suite D12, Indianapolis.

Piece out,


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  • ellen ley

    Are these bags of the woven type of plastic? I repurpose/remake woven plastic Thai rice bags, birdseed bags, etc, into well, bags……..with a strap, lining, they are a big hit, with logos, graphics still intact, and visible.

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