Hey Renee, my friend, Marie, wants to know…

Do you know of any organic or less chemical lawn care companies and mulch companies?  Having a hard time finding anyone.



Sure….you’re “asking for a friend.” ;)

Well, Shawndra and “Marie”,

My favorite answer is worm poop (not just for this question). Keith of Castaway Compost will apply nutrient-rich aerated worm compost tea to your lawn for a small fee: $40 for up to a half acre, $60 for an acre (lawns more than 15 miles from Fishers have a trip fee as well). Worm tea helps plants take up nutrients, fights off some insects and fungi, and improves the soil’s ability to retain water and nutrients.

Last fall, Terry Spotts of Spotts Garden Service recommended corn gluten meal for our lawn. It acts as a pre-emergent herbicide, meaning it inhibits root growth of many weeds during germination. It won’t kill existing weeds, but can help control future growth. It is about 10% nitrogen so it also stimulates the growth of existing grass. I believe it’s best used in fall and spring, so we’re a bit late now, but consider it for this fall.

I did GoodSearch (benefitting The Nature Conservancy in Indiana) eco friendly lawn care in Indianapolis and found some interesting results. I have not used any of these services, so I can’t really speak to their authenticity of eco-friendliness.

GreenCycle is my go-to for mulch. They produce organic mulch, compost and soil from recycled yard, wood and food waste.

Piece out,







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  • Anne

    I love Keith’s worm compost tea service AND GreenCycle. Definitely a Q I’ve asked myself year after year. For the past 10 years, I’ve ordered all kinds of beautiful lawn products from GardensAlive (Local-ish in Lawrenceburg!) Corn gluten, you name it. They have earth-friendly products. But, this year, I’m trying something different – TLC (Total Lawn Care.) They use organic Holganix as lawn feed (food-grade, safe for water) made of compost tea and bio-nutrients.Too early to tell, but it’s a local organic lawn service run by a Purdue agronomist grad (who’s apparently won awards for his soil fertility passion) if DIY isn’t your thing.

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