Regarding an earlier question: Can you ask Jacob to account for bulb life in his reply? I was told that the on & off sequence shortens the bulbs life more than leaving it on. If that’s true, might there be a tipping point as Stephanie put it?



Jacob was happy to oblige:

“While it is true that the on-off sequence shortens the life of incandescent and flourescent bulbs, this is not a concern with LED lighting.  For maximum life with LED bulbs it’s important to have a good quality driver (don’t buy the cheapest ones), and for the bulb to have adequate cooling (don’t use in an enclosed fixture).  As long as you meet these requirements the LED bulbs will last a very long time regardless of how often they are power cycled.”

Don’t forget that you can buy LEDs, including holiday light strands, at Jacobs Parts on the north side of Indianapolis.

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  • retired engineer

    Often, LED lamps have integral drivers (power supplies) as do 120 volt lamps. An external driver is needed for low voltage lamps like 12 volt. A poor quality dimmer might affect life, too even if properly used with a dimmable LED. Note that most LED lamps ar rated for dry locations only. so moisture can also affect life.

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