Indianapolis Power & Light Company (IPL) will expand its investment in solar power with the addition of 30 new solar generation systems in its service area.

Already, IPL’s three-year Rate Renewable Energy Production pilot program has run projects through eight commercial and industrial customers who own or host 2.1 MW of solar generation. This program will now add the upcoming projects to increase the total solar power to nearly 100 MW.

“Solar generation is an important part of IPL’s commitment to developing renewable generating resources,” said Ken Zagzebski, IPL’s President and CEO. “We have increased our renewable resources portfolio, ranking 8th in the U.S. in available wind-capacity on a per customer basis, and we look forward to this possible significant increase in solar generation.”

Once the Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission (IURC) approves the projects, a variety of customers and developers will implement their projects.

One proposal is a 9.6 MW solar farm northeast of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, announced last week by IPL, SunWize Energy, and the Speedway. The IndianapolisInternationalAirport plans to add two arrays of 10 MW each. Other projects will be smaller endeavors, such as the pair of 20 kilowatt projects at Maple Creek Village Apartments.

Direct investment to the Indianapolis area up to $300 million is projected upon completion of the projects. Additionally, successful completion will likely push IPL to a number-one ranking in solar generation for the central region.

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