You know, Renee, to make this email REALLY usable you need to allow comments.

You tree-hugger progressives are AFRAID of the truth and are afraid of real conversations, so you stick your heads in … uh, the sand (I’ll be nice…).

You guys are so worried about a plastic bottle yet allow our beautiful country to be totally destroyed by stupid, foolish decisions.

You are so happy about windmills that cost $8 million each, yet take EIGHT SEMI TRUCKS to deliver ONE, plus installation plus they are proving to not be efficient (how many does anyone see operating at any time? Yeah, not many…) plus are NOT safe for wildlife (do your research on eagles, migrating birds, etc.) let alone for people, cows, livestock and local wildlife being driven crazy with the blade vibrations and shadowing.

Do you realize what’s going to happen IF the EPA and you lefties get your way with the coal plants in Southern Indiana? Yeah, I didn’t think so. Our WHOLESALE electric rates will increase by 80% or more, which means retail will DOUBLE.  Then, of course, what is this going to do to the costs of production, restraints, businesses, etc.? I know that I cannot afford MY bill to double, but since you’ve got unlimited income, you don’t care.

So, again, if you wish to really have a meaningful email/blog, open it up for discussion!


You know, Mark, my column actually does have a comments section for each and every post. You’re always welcome to offer your productive thoughts and feedback any time. I just ask that it be respectful and constructive, so you…uh, may not qualify.

I, personally, am more of a solar girl, but since you mentioned wind power, here is some food for thought (Source: Hoosier Environmental Council policy brief on the impact of wind farms).

  • The amount of time a wind turbine (1.65 MW to 3.0 MW) takes to produce as much energy as it consumed – from extraction of raw materials to manufacture to installation to dismantle to disposal – is 6.6-7.2 months. Additionally, about 80% of a wind turbine is recyclable.
  • As an animal lover, wildlife is most definitely a concern of mine. According to the US Dept. of Energy, bird and bat mortality caused by wind turbines is quite low. In fact, buildings/windows, house cats, high-tension lines, vehicles, pesticides, and communication towers are much higher offenders. Perhaps you would suggest that we eliminate tall buildings, cell towers and kitties too?

Read the full brief for more details and in-depth information on your concerns regarding wind power.

The subject of coal has many layers. I see that your immediate concern is electric rates. As you are gravely mistaken with your assumption of my income, I can empathize; however, I tend to focus my energy on reducing the amount of electricity I use, rather than wondering how I can get it for cheap. Without going into full detail, leaving that to the experts at HEC: Our reliance on coal is bad for the environment and bad for our long-term health. Our beautiful landscapes are flattened when coal is mined, nearly 35 million lbs of pollutants are released into our air each year when coal is burned, and millions of tons of toxic coal ash is dumped inappropriately in our state each year. Coal ash contains arsenic, selenium, lead, mercury, and chromium that leach into our ground water and pose a threat to public health. Indiana has more coal ash ponds – 84 – than any other state. I believe these are strong reasons to reevaluate our dependency on coal.

I am actually ambidextrous; so I hope to engage lefties and righties in a productive conversation about energy conservation, clean air, clean water, recycling and other topics that should be of utmost importance to all of us.

I use my column to offer advice on small daily acts that individuals can do in hopes of conserving the resources of our beautiful country – and world. In fact, I am worried about a plastic bottle. But I’m disturbed to read that you think my concern stops there. I’m a realist who knows that the only person I can control is myself, so I have to focus on the small things that I can do. I believe that small individual efforts can have a huge impact on our planet.

Piece out,


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  • Kim

    I feel like this guy is probably referring to the windmill farm that is on both sides of I-65 around mile marker 200, and if so, is he blind? Every time I’ve driven through there (which is about 10 times a year), the majority of them are always moving. Also, if I remember correctly, according to my husband (who used to work for IDEM), the electricity generated by these is actually being exported to somewhere out east (NY, I think?) as they have much higher energy rates than we do. I’m not a fan of paying more for basic services either, but maybe if some of these things weren’t so cheap, more people in IN might actually care about pursuing sustainable ideas. Also as a side note, why read a blog on Indiana Living Green if you clearly want nothing to do with “living green”?

  • CW

    Thank you for your intelligent, well considered and respectful response. You represent us “lefties” well. However, I never knew that you had to be a leftie to care about the planet.

  • Margaret

    Thanks Renee for the thoughtful and respectful response. Better woman than I….

  • BP

    My, my Ne’ … you have ruffled some feathers!
    While I myself am more dextral the sinistral, I can still say, Good Job!

  • Ryan Puckett

    Well said, Renee.

  • Michelle

    Folks like this guy make me crazy. We have as a species always
    adapted to our environment. We must continue to find new ways
    to live in harmony with nature. Our fuel sources have changed throughout history. After all, we are not still living in caves, cooking over an open fire and lighting our homes by candle light. Coal was a good source in its time, but now we know the environmental, and health costs of that fuel. We must continue to look for other cleaner sources of energy. Folks who want things to stay as they “have always been”
    only make the technological progress slower. They also often sight outdated sources as “facts” Coal miners will lose jobs, but solar
    technicians and others in the wind technology field will find many new
    opportunities. We must adapt. Change is constant.
    On another front. I credit you Renee with making a huge impact on your own little corner of the world. You encourage small changes in your readers life styles that together will make a difference. It we
    each did one small thing to help save energy everyday, we would soon
    see a decreese in our demad for fuel and our grandchildren would
    have a nice place to grow up and raise thier children. If you haven’t already done so, read No Impact Man. It encourages each of us to
    make small changes in our lifestyle. Perhaps the writer of your hate mail should start his by going to the library and finding reasearch on the
    real facts about wind and turbins

  • Sarah

    What a wonderful response – and full of helpful facts…. :) And much more exciting than the post I thought I was going to read about how to reduce the junk mail arriving in my mailbox each day…. (For the record, I’m pretty sure you’ve covered that before and I just haven’t taken the time to get serious about getting off mailing lists.)

  • Sadie Slayton-Pittman

    Renee: way to go, girl!!! That was funny and informative. Gave ol Mark there the BOOM!!!! Thanks for sharing!

  • Gary W

    Mark – dig into research, not sensationalist headlines and watch out for subsidized research.

    Renee – keep on keepin’ on. Your thoughtful, nuanced efforts to change the planet locally and engage ALL of the community is greatly appreciated.

  • Brian

    Well done Renee. That’s why I read your blog…informative, respectful, and caring. I hope you were able to educate Mark a little. I always get a little more educated when I read your articles. Keep it up, please!

  • jellin76

    Excellent response to what is sadly a typical “right wing” response: pejoratives or name-calling, condescending cynicism and lots of angry “info” which is quite often full of half-truths or total disinformation. Keep up the great work, Renee!

  • karen kennedy

    Great, fact filled response, thank you

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