I attend Englewood Christian Church on the near east side of downtown Indianapolis. Do you have any ideas on how to get my congregation involved in more green practices?



OMH! (that’s acronym-speak for Oh My Heavens!) Thanks to Indianapolis Green Congregations, I know of several opportunities to green your church! Find out how to save 25-40% on your congregation’s utility bills at the Using Energy Prudently in Church Buildings workshop on April 6 at First Friends Meeting. It appears there are also other workshop dates scheduled throughout the state. They also host an Interfaith Eco-Film Series. The next screening is of the movie Empowered: Power from the People on April 11 at 7p.m. at Cross & Crown Lutheran Church (SE corner of 79th Rd).

The JCC hosts their own Earth Day Celebration that is open to all faiths on April 2. It is a family-, bike-, and dog-friendly event with hands-on, “learn by doing” activities.

Finally, Indianapolis Green Congregations offers resources on starting and sustaining a green ministry as does Hoosier Interfaith Power & Light.

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  • hollyhal

    I have to say, after being raised hardcore Southern Baptist, I never want to go to church again. But on the rare occasions when I grit my teeth to accompany my mom, even now, there are not even any recycling bins! They hand out these multi-page programs to every person who walks in, and then I guess we’re just all expected to throw them in the trash after the service. It’s been one of my pet peeves for years. All this to say–if you go to a church that actually seems to care about the environment, even a little bit, good for you. I’m so glad that many churches seem to make this a priority. I hope this trend eventually makes its way to the climate-change deniers (many of whom seem to go to my mom’s church…).

  • Kay

    And switch your computer’s font from Times New Roman to Garamond to save on ink. Just because TNR is the default font in most computers is no reason to keep wasting ink.

  • md

    The workshops on energy that are being conducted are really great. You can learn a lot about what individuals, businesses and churches can do to save money, time and energy. And Carmel Christian Church (across from the high school) is working hard to get their entire congregation to begin or continue to be(come) more green. And we have recycling bins — inside and outside. A lot of great people helping society in so many ways!

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