Renee: We are part of the Indianapolis/Marion County “pay to recycle/singlestream” program and are puzzled about whether we can recycle metal screw lids that are mostly metal but also have plastic or rubber seals. Any thoughts?

Jim & Jean

Dear Jim & Jean,

While all metal lids are not created equally, they are all recyclable through curbside recycling. Metal lids are made of different kinds of metal and Republic’s automated sorting process can sort them along with all different kinds of metal

Ever wonder what how they handle that big bin filled with all different kinds of recyclables? Read my previous post about What Happens…

Piece out,


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  • Jessica Glasener

    I Love Ask Renee! I didn’t know one could recycle metal lids. I wondered but didn’t know who to ask… I know! Great tips. Keep up the good work!

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