Dear Renee:

Are the bags that mulch and potting soil come in recyclable? I don’t see the recycle icon but I know other plastic bag items are. I hate having to just trash these!

Thanks, Jennifer


With all the gardens being planted and flower beds being mulched, your question is quite timely. It also reminded me of a question from last September about water softener salt bags. Since mulch and potting soil bags fit in the same category, I’m going to refer you to my old post while I go play in my garden!

If you’re looking to get rid of the bags altogether, consider buying your soil and mulch in bulk. I’ve used Dammann’s and Greencycle and would recommend both. Both offer pick-up at their various locations or deliver right to your door (or driveway or yard) for a fee (Dammann’s starts at $50, Greencycle starts at $45). If you live outside of Indianapolis or surrounding areas, contact your local nursery to see if they offer soil and mulch in bulk.

Piece out,



As a green conscience family, we try not to buy extra paper products. However, there are some that we just can’t live without. We buy them in bulk at Sam’s Club, and it really annoys me when I cut all that plastic wrap off of them. I have looked for a recycle symbol on the package, but have never found one. Are these plastics recyclable?

Thank you, Susan


Your plastic also fits in the same category!


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  • Jane

    Renee, have you ever suggested to Republic and RecycleForce that they work together?

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