I am helping clean out a house and there are a lot of old clothes which are dry rotted.  What do I do with them besides throwing them in the trash?

Barbara B. (your aunt-in-law’s best friend)

Hi Barbara! Playing the family card, eh?

Sounds like the old clothes are best suited for the trash. Dry rot is a weakening of the fabric that is most often caused by moisture. The clothes will not be useful to others. And if you pack dry rotted clothes with other materials, you may contaminate the whole load.

If you have clothes and other household items that are in good shape that you’d like to find a new home for, check out these cool programs:

-        Thrifty Threads, benefiting The Julian Center

-        My Sister’s Place

-        Salvation Army (I called it Starvation Army when I was a young Brownie Girl Scout and gathered items for our annual collection)

-        Amvets

-        Goodwill

Piece out,


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  • Laura Hildreth

    also, H&M clothing stores accept bags of old ‘ugly’ clothes that they recycle into usable stuff…I know the store in Bloomington does this – not sure about the ones here though….if the clothes are of natural material – they can also go into the compost or layered into a lasagna bed??

  • Lloyd

    Also, wheeler mission and St. Vincent De Paul

  • Martha

    Also the NCJW (National Council of Jewish Women) boutique inside Thrifty Threads. The two organizations work together and have for many years. Donations can be directed to either Julian Center or the NCJW boutique. The funds that are earned by the sales for NCJW are divided- 50% to the Julian Center and 50% to emergency funding for families in need. So bring your clean clothes (on hangers preferred) as well as household items, linens, small appliances, select large appliances, furniture and more. If you have a very large amount of donated items to give, you can call Thrifty Threads to schedule a pick up.

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